Why are erections considered obscene?

As censorship increases, one begins to wonder why some things are considered to be "obscene". The male erection, for example, is considered to be too dirty for delicate sensibilities, and thus turns a photograph of a naked man into something that needs to be banned, burnt, and removed from sight utterly.

Why should this be the case?

An erection is a perfectly normal part of human physiology. It's vital to the continuance of the human race. Baby boys get them, and so do old men. Half of humanity get them. The other half enjoys them. In eastern cultures such as India, the erect penis or lingam is considered sacred and appears regularly in art and religion.

So why is the erection considered obscene?

Is it because it has to do with sex? Is it that the "magical" penis is finally being revealed in all its glory and thus becomes less powerful? Is there a fear of deflation if it is displayed?

The fact is many women enjoy looking at pictures of naked men, and an erect penis can really top off the fantasy. Is that what's obscene - women actually enjoying their sexuality?

Obscenity laws don't make sense. It's up to the individual to decide what they find morally wrong.

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